Rye Seed Pallet
Rye Seed Pallet

Rye Seed Pallet

Rye is the true work horse of all seed varieties. Rye germinates in the coldest conditions compared to any other seed variety, and grows in the poorest conditions including both low pH and Fertility levels. There is also no other seed variety that germinates as easily as rye. Rye isn't a glamour crop, but it gets the job done when other options have failed, and can be used to cover up the mistakes of other seedings well into the Fall.

We also offer bulk seed for purchase.

Our Rye seed is available in:

  • 20 - 50lb bags - $450
  • 40 - 50lb bags - $825

Please contact Weston at Weston.whs@gmail.com to order and for pricing on shipping to your location.