Pure Wildlife Blends

Pure Wildlife Seed Blends is a customer-friendly family owned business with a serious case of professional food plot experience.

Some would say a decades long obsession. There is a combined knowledge of over 400 food plot articles and videos created to assist folks in overall food plot strategy, over 1400 designed food plot programs for clients in over 30 states and 10s of thousands of online consumers assisted in their food plot endeavors.

Why buy our seed?

Because there is likely a greater amount of passion, care and know-how that goes into each and every seed within WHS Blends than any other source in the food plot industry. The food plot obsession is REAL, so that you can reach your full wildlife potential of success.

  • 100s of interviews with food plotters in person
  • 1000s of seed blends discussions with folks online
  • Decades as a leader in published experimentation and innovation

There is no one in the entire country that can challenge the level of experience that is infused into each and every seed blend by Jeff Sturgis and his team.

Why are we selling seed?

Nearly all of current seed blend companies lack the practical planting experience to build or sell seed blends.

After all, can you trust the advice of a bag of seed sold at ANY of the big box stores? The vast majority are simply trying to make a buck. When you add the used car salesmanship for poor seed blends due to rye grass, fillers, shady mixes, buzz word seeds, inadequate seed volumes, fad blends, cheap mixes, kitchen sink blends, throw and plant products and an overall lack of quality planting advice, among others, the food plot seed industry sucks!

The WHS way is “different,” and that's a very good thing.