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Design Your Food Plot Properly

From great soils to poor soils and so many soil types in-between, my journey began in 1995 with very little information available to the average food plotter. I found by pushing the limits of the Food Plot Planting Basics, there were a multitude of concepts that formed to create the basis for what I personally teach and use to this day. Featuring 30 online video lessons with over 20 hours of video, check out my training course.

How to Plant and Design a Food Plot Program

What should you plant?

The best seed for you to plant in your next food plot may surprise you! WHY? Because it may not be the latest and greatest seed blend because they aren't a good fit for YOU and your soils, region, deer herd or your resources of time and money. Here is how to narrow it all down to what seed you should be planting in your food plots this season...

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Check out the main WHS site for lots of seed resources including how to choose, when to plant, etc.

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