Perennial Plot Power
Perennial Plot Power
Perennial Plot Power

Perennial Plot Power

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This is a workhorse perennial mix of various clovers and chicory designed to pass the test for a variety of soils, partially shaded honey holes and damp to partially dry soil locations.

Whether building a herd or planting for your favorite hunting plot, this is the perfect no-nonsense blend that keeps producing year after year with just a little TLC.

-Seed varieties: Various clovers, chicory, trefoil and alfalfa

-Longevity: Perennial 

-Sunlight needed: Partial Shade to Full Sun

-When to plant: Spring or Fall 

-Purpose: High quality Spring, Summer and Fall attraction for a wide variety of soil types

4lb Bag plants - 1/2 acre
24lb bag plants - 3 acres 

Seed will always ship on the day of your order or the next business day!


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